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About Us

During the early to mid 1970's, our local area experienced significantly large population growth.

In 1973, our league was formed (now known as the AWFA) with five clubs - Albury Rovers, Albury Hotspurs, Melrose Park Rangers, Lavington and Twin City Wanderers. Both Albury United and Wodonga Border remained in the North Eastern Victoria League to fulfil their 1973 commitments, after which they both joined the new association at the start of the 1974 season along with the newly formed, Albury City and St Patricks Soccer Clubs (now ST PATS FC), to make up an eight team senior league with Juniors organised for the first time.

In 1976 St Patricks Soccer Club entered a senior men's team for the first time.  In 1977, the Myrtleford and Wangaratta clubs (formerly in the North Eastern Victoria League) recognised the benefits the Association was providing and were admitted to membership.

In more recent times, Willow Park Panthers (or as they are now known Wodonga Heart) were admitted, and as recently as 2016 Cobram Roar (another former adversary in the North Eastern Victoria League) were given membership, making the Association a twelve team competition.

St Pats FC was initially founded due to the hard work of the Christian Brothers at St Patricks Primary School, namely Br Vassolo and Br Dowd and with the assistance of a number of willing parents. Prominent in our early years were the Vogel, Gleeson and Iverson families some of whom are still involved today.

St Pats FC was quite nomadic in the early years, utilising playing fields at Aquinas (Xavier High now), Alexandra Park, Sarvaas Park, Corry's Road (yes, the current Equestrian Center!) before finally settling back at our current Alexandra Park playing fields.

The Club has been one of the strongest supporters of Women's football in the area, fielding one of the first ever teams in the competition. We have achieved tremendous success at Senior Women level winning many Cups and League titles.

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